Suppose you had the opportunity to free yourself of all worldly responsibilities for ten days. In this place the basic physical requirements of room and board would be provided for you. In return you would be expected only to avoid contact with others, to spend all your waking hours with eyes closed, keeping your mind on a chosen object of attention. Would you accept the offer?

A Universal Technique

Although Vipassana was practiced and taught by the Buddha, it contains nothing of a sectarian or religious nature, and can be accepted and applied by people of any background. The technique works on the basis that all human beings share the same problems, and that a practical method, which can eradicate these problems, can be universally practiced. Moreover, it involves no dependence on a teacher. Vipassana teaches those who practice it to be self-dependent. Vipassana courses are open to anyone sincerely wishing to learn the technique. Members of many religions – monks, nuns and priests as well as lay people – have all successfully practiced Vipassana, as have those of no particular faith.

Ride Share Board

All participants of the courses can share a ride with others or seek one for yourself to/from below mentioned Dhamma Centers.

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